Monday, February 21, 2011

Updates & A few ideas I've been thinking about...

Hello ! I'm so happy I'm going into the right path with my blog and channel and I decided to make a update post instead of a video. One update I want to say is I have kept flat twist in my hair since Friday night..I haven't tooken out the twist yet and Wed Morning I'll posting a video on how it turns out..I'm trying to aim for a longer lasting hairstyle ! Keeping the style in for 4 straight days and I have been keeping it moisturize with my Carol's Daughter Honey and Whip Shea Butter.

Next update is I will have a haul soon with some products that I been hearing a lot of talk about.I also plan to do a contest video for this giveaway someone is having on YouTube ! Naptural85 I believe? and I have faith I'll win , if your interested in this as much as I am check out the video below:

I have a few ideas I have in store coming soon like :
  • Skin Care Regimen
  • Nail Growth Journey
  • Becoming a Reading Legend Part 1 ( it sounds corny, lol but I'll tell tips about reading faster & etc )
  • Workout Commitment
  • Vlog coming soon !
If any feedback,ideas or suggestions you think I should do please comment below or email me :)

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