Friday, February 11, 2011

Music Fave of the week || Floacist :; Floetic Soul

This whole album has it's own style to it..if you like real music and have truth to it..Get this album! I kinda sad that floetry split up but this album bring the same type of style they had with floetry. I'm so proud of her to actually get her album out. Marsha Abrosious has her album coming out by March or April.
From the last floetry album and her album now..her vocals has been a great change. And she sends that message in every song..The songs that has been keeping me in the groove this week is below :

Both of the songs are love songs, if your not into that she has more formal songs how she explains life,not needing someone to get by, and others. I love her as a person and her style.. 10 out of 10

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