Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flat twist Review/ Heat Damage gone bye-bye !

I been a pro lately with the flat twist hair-style and it's last enough days for me to start a new day with working with my hair, Here are photos.

I do want to say this style last than any other styles ( Bantu knots,braid-out etc ).  I can really say it looks better after I cut that relax ends off, Speaking of cutting hair , I cut some more off... ( Heat Damage all over my hair :( 
All this hair was fizzy for no reason, I don't use towels on my hair and when I will take down a hairstyle, it will have any curl pattern and STILL fizzy, so it had to go bye bye, My hair is short..I can't really tell that I got a hair cut.

It's less fizzy now, and more manageable, there's still some more loose heat damage in my hair but 95% of the heat damage hair is GONE. Proud of myself, still wanna cut some more tho. The Flat Twists last about 4-5 days at the most, I can style it any way, I don't do any special way to put it up at night when I sleep, Just put my satin pillow case scarf on. Proud of myself and my hair, it took me awhile to keep this going, and I just bless God glad me Strength,Courage from other you tubers and I let it be...

My Flat-Twists lasted, I don't have to do to much in the morning but put some products in and be on the go.I will give Flat-twists a 5 out of 5, More Reviews like this will be more often I try on my hair. I like lasting styles...and this is one of them. So happy my hair loves it like I do !

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