Friday, April 22, 2011

3 strand twist : PASS :)

I decided to rock till Saturday and do a full shampoo and moisturize and pampering routine below

I won't be using the same products but the method she uses to try it out, and see how I like it..and does it HELP my hair personally.

By the 3 day of wearing the twists, it became extremely frizzy and started to look like a Afro than a twist-out. I began to think twice on if I was doing something wrong.

What I have learned? : I HAVE to twist the twists back up at night..or they will NOT look the same at all. I learned to moisturize more..My hair is really dry and keeping it refreshed with water , it made it more frizzier but it kept the moisture as long as I wanted to. I also learned that, it won't last or LOOK the same at all..I learned it's a certain way to twist..you can freestyle and think it's gonna look like you wanted it to look. To map out the parts and twist the crown area correctly.

I will give this style a 3 out 5...More practice and it'll probably be a 4 next time.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 strand twist fail / Update :)

Affirmations , Love.

I wanted to share some affirmations and inspiring photos of love and what I am manifesting in my life.
Here are some affirmations to tell yourself everyday, or to even get your day started on the right track!.

  • I am love
  • I choose to only think positive and loving thoughts to myself and my life
  • I am 100% Self Approved.
  • I take action towards my dreams today
  • I give my gift's to the world knowing that it will heal me and others.
  • I create even more joy in my life by trusting my intuition.

Note:I do NOT take credit for theses 2 photos above.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2 Strand Twist/Bantu Knot-Out

So to my next Hair Journey I have decided to do 2 strand twist. Check out the video for more details !.

Longer twist -FAILED !

Here's what I did to my hair,I did the exact same thing she done,I washed my hair with Shea moisture shampoo and conditioner.

After I did this for about 3-4 hours, I was excited,and relaxed since I won't have to do my hair for a week.

I also used my homemade Shea butter on my ends,to seal moisture but not build up my hair.So once I took out the hair,I was really disappointed how it looked so I pinned it up like this !
Even tho my head looked like dreads instead of ultra define curls,I slick back with Shea moisture curl smoothing and pinned the back into a roll and pin and just made a heart shaped volume pin up at the top. I did this everyday. This is how it looks, if it's NOT pinned-up :O

Yes, It was crazy-looking but I made it work!.

What have I learned? : I learned that every hair texture is different,my hair is more curly when wet instead of drying it, So if I decide to do this style I'll style it on wet hair instead of dry hair. I learned that I will make the parts medium size so it won't take as long. 

Quick,Protective Hairstyle


It lasted for about 1 week,But I wanted to take it out,If I would have just re-twist my 2 strand twist,it could have lasted for about 2 weeks. I really liked the hairstyle and was inspired by keke52284