Sunday, April 10, 2011

Longer twist -FAILED !

Here's what I did to my hair,I did the exact same thing she done,I washed my hair with Shea moisture shampoo and conditioner.

After I did this for about 3-4 hours, I was excited,and relaxed since I won't have to do my hair for a week.

I also used my homemade Shea butter on my ends,to seal moisture but not build up my hair.So once I took out the hair,I was really disappointed how it looked so I pinned it up like this !
Even tho my head looked like dreads instead of ultra define curls,I slick back with Shea moisture curl smoothing and pinned the back into a roll and pin and just made a heart shaped volume pin up at the top. I did this everyday. This is how it looks, if it's NOT pinned-up :O

Yes, It was crazy-looking but I made it work!.

What have I learned? : I learned that every hair texture is different,my hair is more curly when wet instead of drying it, So if I decide to do this style I'll style it on wet hair instead of dry hair. I learned that I will make the parts medium size so it won't take as long. 

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