Monday, February 21, 2011

Updates & A few ideas I've been thinking about...

Hello ! I'm so happy I'm going into the right path with my blog and channel and I decided to make a update post instead of a video. One update I want to say is I have kept flat twist in my hair since Friday night..I haven't tooken out the twist yet and Wed Morning I'll posting a video on how it turns out..I'm trying to aim for a longer lasting hairstyle ! Keeping the style in for 4 straight days and I have been keeping it moisturize with my Carol's Daughter Honey and Whip Shea Butter.

Next update is I will have a haul soon with some products that I been hearing a lot of talk about.I also plan to do a contest video for this giveaway someone is having on YouTube ! Naptural85 I believe? and I have faith I'll win , if your interested in this as much as I am check out the video below:

I have a few ideas I have in store coming soon like :
  • Skin Care Regimen
  • Nail Growth Journey
  • Becoming a Reading Legend Part 1 ( it sounds corny, lol but I'll tell tips about reading faster & etc )
  • Workout Commitment
  • Vlog coming soon !
If any feedback,ideas or suggestions you think I should do please comment below or email me :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Transitioner of the Month ; HoneyK1020

Here's a interview I had with someone that helps me and also like a sister :) Love her and Here's a few questions from her perspective.

1. What brings you joy with transitioning ?
 There is definitely a joy that comes with transitioning. I have never felt so aware of my hair’s health and my role in being active rather than passive in achieving my personal hair goals. Since starting on this journey, I have experimented with my hair more than I have ever before. When I was relaxed I always flat ironed, yet with transitioning my hair has grown faster than it ever did when I was relaxed and I’ve done all kinds of styles like Bantu knots, flat twist, and braid outs!

2. What are the longest styles that last that you love to wear ? ( braid-outs, twist-outs ? )
  •  My current favorite style is French twist outs. They give my hair a soft wavy look, and can be wore in both down and up and still look amazing. Twist outs are also easy for nighttime routine and with a little Safflower or Tea Tree Oil I am able to keep my hair moisturized and soft
3. What are your favorite products to use?
  • My favorite products to use by far would have to be oils. The versatility of oils are great, and can help your hair reach optimum health. I use my oils as a pre-poo, by mixing it with Suave conditioner, or I heat it up and use it as a hot oil treatment. When using oils for conditioning purposes I like the heavier oils such as Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. My favorite oil to use on my hair is Safflower Oil. Safflower Oil is lightweight and does a superb job and making my hair feel soft, and stay moisturized and conditioned. I use Tree Oil, and Safflower Oil on a daily basis, and my hair is thriving from it! Another must have hair care product would have to be deep conditioners! I deep condition my hair once a week alternating between Queen Helene Cholesterol Crème, My homemade Oil and conditioner mix, Organics Best Hair Mayonnaise, or the Ren Pure organics Deep Penetrating Treatment. Heat Protectant is also a MUST. I recommend the Organic Root stimulator Olive Oil Serum.
4.What made you change to relax to becoming a natural?
  •  My first awareness that I was interested in going back to being natural was when I realized I was going 3-4 months without a relaxer and not “missing” it. I only relaxed my hair because I thought too much time had passed between relaxers. After cutting my hair super short in 2005 my sole goal was to gain length, however looking back now… that would’ve been the PERFECT time to go natural because my hair cut would’ve been considered my big chop. After my daughter was born I really got in touch with my more soulful spiritual side and had the urge to simplify my life, focus on the thing I loved and was passionate about . Quite simple I wanted to return to my natural tresses and learn to be proud of me naturally! I want my daughter to love her heritage and culture and know she is beautiful the way God made her. What better example can I show but to fully embrace my own beauty! Throughout this journey I have learned so much and the surprising thing is that it has not been only about hair! It is a beautiful thing that the same feelings of acceptance and setting a standard for my hair goals have crossed over in all aspects of my life. I am so in tune with myself and I feel I radiate positivity and a peacefulness I did not even know existed in me.

    5. long have you been transitioning and are you planing to do a Big chop?

  • I have been transitioning for 14 months as of Feb. 19, 2011. Wow, time is flying by! My goal is to be a long term transitioner so I do not plan to cut my hair until possibly December 2011 when my two years into my journey.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Music Fave of the week || Floacist :; Floetic Soul

This whole album has it's own style to it..if you like real music and have truth to it..Get this album! I kinda sad that floetry split up but this album bring the same type of style they had with floetry. I'm so proud of her to actually get her album out. Marsha Abrosious has her album coming out by March or April.
From the last floetry album and her album now..her vocals has been a great change. And she sends that message in every song..The songs that has been keeping me in the groove this week is below :

Both of the songs are love songs, if your not into that she has more formal songs how she explains life,not needing someone to get by, and others. I love her as a person and her style.. 10 out of 10

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily || Books Of the Month.

Decided to start up with my books and what it is teaching me..I came across the "Happy for no reason" book on a spiritual teaching website and "You can Heal your life" came from a suggestion of Debrena Jackson Gandy and I'm looking Thur them and by the looks of this..I believe I will have a good book review on theses by the end of when it's due or the end of this month..I just picked theses books of today and I'm going to also do some research on the Author..By the looks of "You can Heal your life" book, It sold over 30 millions books which I think is amazing and someone changed from this book.

I plan on reading for at least an hour and a half on Tues,sat,sun,and Mondays'. I have enough energy and great confidence to finish 3 books by the beginning of March, So let's make that a goal.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Miss Jessie Review Part 1

A part 2 will be a post instead of a video, So here are the results :) Check it out.

Self-Motivation of the week.

I started to get back in the hang of things to my blog and I decided to just start opening how I keep myself motivated and on track with all the things I do to balance out school and my self-care routine. I hope all are inspire by my words to keep pushing forward in life,because I know it can be rough sometimes.

I want to start off that I have been reading this book called "All the joy you can stand" By Debrena Jackson Gandy and her words, the ways she put her words are transforming my life as I type this. and I decided why not share what I have been learning and studying thur-out this book.

I am so happy and grateful that I can finally say this...I'm free. I no longer overload myself with work,because I have learned we need breaks at times. Giving,and giving and giving and not loving and taking care of you first is the main objective of what I want to speak on. The more you neglect and push off what you know is hurting (inner-self/spirit) You will feel restless, tension in your muscles, weight problems and underweight problems start to occur. This shows that the body is SCEAMING for you to love it again. I feel like if you take care of what you need to do, and simplify your life, it will feel and BE so much easier. And it's probably not just life in general, relationships,addictions,toxic friendships,bad habits,overloading the body with to much. Yes the body can take it but when you push to much on yourself,your spirit starts to get out of balance of what I call self-sabotage. It not only just hurt on the inside, but it will start to show on the outside. Following your 1st mind,your heart, your intuition whatever you wanna call it, It can lead you to wonders you never thought you could ever finish....

I was having a problem with balancing out my blog and my YouTube channel and I always just procrastinated about every idea I wanted to share with everyone, I wanted to be out, do last-minute studies before tests and quizzes, I will always be with my boyfriend and I feel now, This is the time God is forcing me to do it. He is helping me not feel overwhelmed and still be able to pamper and take care of myself. And I know that this is my time to work on this dream of mines..which is to heal,and help people who wants to help themselves.And It made me have to think different. Make different choices..DELETE loser friends and most of all love me, & all of me. And as I'm going into this journey right now. I want to share that if you ask yourself what are at least 3 things that are not making my life simple? And when you get that answer Ask yourself " What are at least 3 things that I can do to make my life simple".Life will be simple and you will get in this state of Solitary Refinement , Where you learn to love being and doing things by yourself, you start to work on your spiritual muscles and learn that God is waiting for you to be still...be at ease, But YOU can on make that choice..No one else.

                K.I.S.-Keep it simple

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flat twist Review/ Heat Damage gone bye-bye !

I been a pro lately with the flat twist hair-style and it's last enough days for me to start a new day with working with my hair, Here are photos.

I do want to say this style last than any other styles ( Bantu knots,braid-out etc ).  I can really say it looks better after I cut that relax ends off, Speaking of cutting hair , I cut some more off... ( Heat Damage all over my hair :( 
All this hair was fizzy for no reason, I don't use towels on my hair and when I will take down a hairstyle, it will have any curl pattern and STILL fizzy, so it had to go bye bye, My hair is short..I can't really tell that I got a hair cut.

It's less fizzy now, and more manageable, there's still some more loose heat damage in my hair but 95% of the heat damage hair is GONE. Proud of myself, still wanna cut some more tho. The Flat Twists last about 4-5 days at the most, I can style it any way, I don't do any special way to put it up at night when I sleep, Just put my satin pillow case scarf on. Proud of myself and my hair, it took me awhile to keep this going, and I just bless God glad me Strength,Courage from other you tubers and I let it be...

My Flat-Twists lasted, I don't have to do to much in the morning but put some products in and be on the go.I will give Flat-twists a 5 out of 5, More Reviews like this will be more often I try on my hair. I like lasting styles...and this is one of them. So happy my hair loves it like I do !