Monday, February 7, 2011

Self-Motivation of the week.

I started to get back in the hang of things to my blog and I decided to just start opening how I keep myself motivated and on track with all the things I do to balance out school and my self-care routine. I hope all are inspire by my words to keep pushing forward in life,because I know it can be rough sometimes.

I want to start off that I have been reading this book called "All the joy you can stand" By Debrena Jackson Gandy and her words, the ways she put her words are transforming my life as I type this. and I decided why not share what I have been learning and studying thur-out this book.

I am so happy and grateful that I can finally say this...I'm free. I no longer overload myself with work,because I have learned we need breaks at times. Giving,and giving and giving and not loving and taking care of you first is the main objective of what I want to speak on. The more you neglect and push off what you know is hurting (inner-self/spirit) You will feel restless, tension in your muscles, weight problems and underweight problems start to occur. This shows that the body is SCEAMING for you to love it again. I feel like if you take care of what you need to do, and simplify your life, it will feel and BE so much easier. And it's probably not just life in general, relationships,addictions,toxic friendships,bad habits,overloading the body with to much. Yes the body can take it but when you push to much on yourself,your spirit starts to get out of balance of what I call self-sabotage. It not only just hurt on the inside, but it will start to show on the outside. Following your 1st mind,your heart, your intuition whatever you wanna call it, It can lead you to wonders you never thought you could ever finish....

I was having a problem with balancing out my blog and my YouTube channel and I always just procrastinated about every idea I wanted to share with everyone, I wanted to be out, do last-minute studies before tests and quizzes, I will always be with my boyfriend and I feel now, This is the time God is forcing me to do it. He is helping me not feel overwhelmed and still be able to pamper and take care of myself. And I know that this is my time to work on this dream of mines..which is to heal,and help people who wants to help themselves.And It made me have to think different. Make different choices..DELETE loser friends and most of all love me, & all of me. And as I'm going into this journey right now. I want to share that if you ask yourself what are at least 3 things that are not making my life simple? And when you get that answer Ask yourself " What are at least 3 things that I can do to make my life simple".Life will be simple and you will get in this state of Solitary Refinement , Where you learn to love being and doing things by yourself, you start to work on your spiritual muscles and learn that God is waiting for you to be at ease, But YOU can on make that choice..No one else.

                K.I.S.-Keep it simple

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