Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily || Books Of the Month.

Decided to start up with my books and what it is teaching me..I came across the "Happy for no reason" book on a spiritual teaching website and "You can Heal your life" came from a suggestion of Debrena Jackson Gandy and I'm looking Thur them and by the looks of this..I believe I will have a good book review on theses by the end of when it's due or the end of this month..I just picked theses books of today and I'm going to also do some research on the Author..By the looks of "You can Heal your life" book, It sold over 30 millions books which I think is amazing and someone changed from this book.

I plan on reading for at least an hour and a half on Tues,sat,sun,and Mondays'. I have enough energy and great confidence to finish 3 books by the beginning of March, So let's make that a goal.

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