Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 years post relaxer ; 10 months Natural

I seen a lot of growth , bad times & good times with this journey so far. I haven't made monthly updates on my hair because It wasn't a lot to say things to dicuss about besides maybe hair review .

What to look forward to :
 Hair Regimen
Love Series VLog- How to love yourself more

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hair Update

2 Years Post Relaxer + 9 Months post Mini Chop/ Been Natural .

Time has been going by so quick! Recently Around July - August , I had a MASSIVE  hair shedding phase. I was so shocked about this , I decided to leave my hair alone, so I started wearing protective styling ( quick weave , sew in wigs ) Recently I have been rocking this curly hair ( I will be getting more into detail in another post ) Here are a few photos

I have recently tried out a new DC , Which is awesome , all my itchiness and irritation in my hair is GONE .  I will also be doing a review on that also . But here a few photos of my washing process 
I ran into this ; I don't know how this happened but what I did was water it down and conditioner to create some slip but I still since a little breakage.

Curl definition has been at it's best. More waves,kinks & coils are really starting to fully flourish in my hair.

OVERALL : I have been wearing protective styling , & I have gotten at least a inch or 2 in the front !
I am overly excited about how going natural , exercising & rest & staying level headed with stress,life I have finally gained length ! 

Until Next time :)

Friday, October 7, 2011


finally back ; sorry I been m.i.a & I know this isn't good with my hair journey ; But I will have a MASSIVE blog + video on how my hair is doing ; what I'm doing to it ; pictures ; & how my healthy eating has shown me a little hair growth !

Coming soon  , 10 - 21 - 11 is when I plan to have the video organize ; to the point ; & completely updated on my natural hair journey ! .

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hair Update .

For the pass week I have been wearing wigs & braiding my hair every 3  or 5 days . I continue to go thur this protective styling phase...I want to do a blow dry braid out soon. But for now I'm still wearing a wig . my shedding has calm down and I don't see much since I haven't been doing anything with my hair .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Nail Polishes

Just got these polishes And I just polished my nails last night, I wanted to show the colors I got and later this week or next week I'll make have a review for it , but for my 1st impressions I like the colors, The raspberry color doesn't go on smooth but it's shiny and has a nice color pay off with only 2 coats.

Protective Style - Flat Twist

I decided to work on my protective styling challenge, Here's the video on how to do it .
Here's a few photos on my results :

Don't like it like that, But it works. I take the bobby pins out when I'm about to rest and moist my ends with Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Oil Mixture ( Olive,Jojoba,Vitamin E )

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Blog ? .

Yes ! What had happen with my 1st blog I had since maybe about 09 & I followed a lot of people that wasn't interesting to me anymore, so I decided to give that a break & go for a 365 blog to do and found it interesting at the time. . then it started to become a routine, I started to stop a few months ago because I just did not like it , so now , this upcoming blog I have in store for myself and the few readers I have can really get a piece of what I have to express, to open up with & to go all out with this one, I have a upcoming character I have in store to express as well, some poetry, feature friends or family that I will like to have on there and much more , I'll post the link by this upcoming weekend, still thinking of a name.

I want to say thank you for anyone that reads this, I truly appreciate you and if you want me to talk about anything on here or just talk don't hesitate :) Until Next time ! .

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update on my hair

I decided to do a update length and work on my protective styling challenge I'm doing in a few weeks. I plan on buying a full lace wig and also working on box braids. I have been having a lot of breakage don't know why...Still researching. My Style will be a wig for sure. Really want to get ready for winter and I want to keep my hair away.

Inspired Edgy Look

I'll post my results whenever I decid to unravel my twists ! . Hope this look is a good way to show off your natural hair :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Products.

Decided to try to find something that will help my scalp because I've been having a itching scalp lately. I also I heard some things about the conditioner and it's cheap and silicone free so I said why not. In 3 weeks I'll have a review to get some time on the products.

Conditioner - $4.79

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moisture Spray Bottle.

  1. Spray & Go - So Plain & Simple.
  2. Water is the fastest moisture to soak into the scalp and having your hair cutiles open the oil,leave in will soak in as well.
  3. Perfect moisture, esy and inexpensive, 100 % natural .

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Knowing your Purpose & Why it's important

I wanted to blog about finding your purpose for a while but wanted to plan out how I wanted to write so I won't let anything out. It's really simply to say "how" to find so to speak but action.asking for what you want. believing and expecting comes to play to.

I wanted to make this because I don't want to be a victim of not achieving my goals and dreams and to also share how find and soul searching your god-given gift will bring you more than you ever expected.
  1. It will save you time energy and even money...
  2. ` Finding out what will be your purpose is within you and always be. It's not "out there" or out into a future, it's not something you can even buy. It's something that brings you happiness, joy and confidence. Something that doesn't make you feel tired and suffocated from doing it. One idea I thought about was asking whoever you worship or the higher power ( God,Jesus etc ) to ask and reveal your true purpose
  3. Another way is thinking of things your good at that you can make money from, are you good at doing hair, are you a good listener? Do you love to be are your nieces or little siblings? Things like becoming a therapy, or owning a daycare or a doctor who takes treats children illness,or becoming a hair stylist. 
There are many ways to find this out, but the 1st thing to do is starting to know YOU do have a purpose,YOU do know who you are and Expecting a great life doing your life purpose. It's only takes that one step in trying to find it, and it starts with you...

Hope this helps for anyone.
God Bless.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update HairStyle.

I believe doing my hair is one my hobbies since I invest and take care it so much. I decided to continue my protective styling and instead of box braids ( Which I'll probably do in the winter ) I wanted to do something with my own hair, Having that wig on ( which I will do a review once I wear it some more ) I missed my hair and is with another style. So Here's the video to do the style.
I'm not done with the style yet. But here's a photo of my braids. I 'm going to do my twists in the middle while I watch HP ( Harry Potter )
Until next time.

Goal : keep this in for 2 weeks :)
Used : Mimosa hair honey ( Carol's Daughter )

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So of'course I took my little break and got to know my hair better, products and protective styles wise. So I went MIA because,
  1. I needed to get "away" so to speak, fell so overwhelm with a lot.
  2. I wanted to get to know my hair better
  3. I wasn't doing anything special or new to it, to really have something to blog about.
So I'm back and in action, it's summer 2011, 1st summer being natural and the heat is really kicking my butt..So this was my 1st protective / or new style

Now I know I made a blog about this style, this style lasted for about my week and I really liked it, Really different and I love me some different :)
Now my next style is.....
This is from the prev. Style when I took it, And now I see growth in the back of my hair , this is in ( End of June )

Next Style...

When I did this style I did this tension blow dry on my hair here's the video below to do so ;
So much better than blow drying your hair and combing it while it's still wet/damp , So I kept my twists in for about 3 weeks, this is now in July, Now in May I just did puffs like below
And Now, I took my twists are out I did a twist out like this below
And did a side style and pinned up the back to make the shape I wanted . and NOW !  After that I am challenging myself to stop always touching and doing stuff with my hair , so I got my own 1st wig! Yes, I don't do weave like that but this wig is really nice. I'll be wearing it for the next 4 weeks!

Here's a photo
And I'm using my moisture spray ( I blog about it later ) that is full of oils,filter water,and Shea moisture leave in Morn & Night with 6 jumbo braids in my hair now, I'll refresh my hair every 2 weeks.

I am aiming towards growth, stronger hair strands and also length. I know doing protective styles will do the grow...Keeping my hair clean, moisturize and kept away and not touching or putting any  tension to it, I know this regimen will get my hair goals accomplish!

Once again I wanna thank my 10 followers that follow me, Even if I had one I will still blog, Thanks for reading my blogs and staying posted ! Until next time!.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Style : Flat Twist Pin up.

So I just now notice I couldn't do a length check with my hair styled. Here are a few pictures of how my style came out.

I did this on fresh washed hair/damp hair . I used my eco styler, Setting foam and Cantu Shea Butter Leave In. Here's the steps to acheive this beautiful,easy, summer protective style!
Instead I went the the same way when I twisted in the back.

Hope you like this style! . Until Next time!.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where have you been ?

Yes, I have been totally m.i.a from my blog and channel, shame on me! But I have good and bad news !
So I have decided to write a post than a video, I am going to take a break on my YouTube channel for various reasons. One is I am saving up to have my skills and talents on my hair background and the things I want to put forth on there. I will still document my hair journey on this blog.

GOOD NEWS ; I have 4 months natural hair length pictures coming soon and also go into depth with trying to find my purpose. I am on a self-love journey, a purposeful life and studying and doing my research and what I want to be and do in life.

So check out my blog 2mwr to see my hair length photos of 4 months natural hair length!
Buh-Bye! .

Friday, April 22, 2011

3 strand twist : PASS :)

I decided to rock till Saturday and do a full shampoo and moisturize and pampering routine below

I won't be using the same products but the method she uses to try it out, and see how I like it..and does it HELP my hair personally.

By the 3 day of wearing the twists, it became extremely frizzy and started to look like a Afro than a twist-out. I began to think twice on if I was doing something wrong.

What I have learned? : I HAVE to twist the twists back up at night..or they will NOT look the same at all. I learned to moisturize more..My hair is really dry and keeping it refreshed with water , it made it more frizzier but it kept the moisture as long as I wanted to. I also learned that, it won't last or LOOK the same at all..I learned it's a certain way to twist..you can freestyle and think it's gonna look like you wanted it to look. To map out the parts and twist the crown area correctly.

I will give this style a 3 out 5...More practice and it'll probably be a 4 next time.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 strand twist fail / Update :)

Affirmations , Love.

I wanted to share some affirmations and inspiring photos of love and what I am manifesting in my life.
Here are some affirmations to tell yourself everyday, or to even get your day started on the right track!.

  • I am love
  • I choose to only think positive and loving thoughts to myself and my life
  • I am 100% Self Approved.
  • I take action towards my dreams today
  • I give my gift's to the world knowing that it will heal me and others.
  • I create even more joy in my life by trusting my intuition.

Note:I do NOT take credit for theses 2 photos above.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2 Strand Twist/Bantu Knot-Out

So to my next Hair Journey I have decided to do 2 strand twist. Check out the video for more details !.

Longer twist -FAILED !

Here's what I did to my hair,I did the exact same thing she done,I washed my hair with Shea moisture shampoo and conditioner.

After I did this for about 3-4 hours, I was excited,and relaxed since I won't have to do my hair for a week.

I also used my homemade Shea butter on my ends,to seal moisture but not build up my hair.So once I took out the hair,I was really disappointed how it looked so I pinned it up like this !
Even tho my head looked like dreads instead of ultra define curls,I slick back with Shea moisture curl smoothing and pinned the back into a roll and pin and just made a heart shaped volume pin up at the top. I did this everyday. This is how it looks, if it's NOT pinned-up :O

Yes, It was crazy-looking but I made it work!.

What have I learned? : I learned that every hair texture is different,my hair is more curly when wet instead of drying it, So if I decide to do this style I'll style it on wet hair instead of dry hair. I learned that I will make the parts medium size so it won't take as long. 

Quick,Protective Hairstyle


It lasted for about 1 week,But I wanted to take it out,If I would have just re-twist my 2 strand twist,it could have lasted for about 2 weeks. I really liked the hairstyle and was inspired by keke52284