Thursday, July 14, 2011

Knowing your Purpose & Why it's important

I wanted to blog about finding your purpose for a while but wanted to plan out how I wanted to write so I won't let anything out. It's really simply to say "how" to find so to speak but action.asking for what you want. believing and expecting comes to play to.

I wanted to make this because I don't want to be a victim of not achieving my goals and dreams and to also share how find and soul searching your god-given gift will bring you more than you ever expected.
  1. It will save you time energy and even money...
  2. ` Finding out what will be your purpose is within you and always be. It's not "out there" or out into a future, it's not something you can even buy. It's something that brings you happiness, joy and confidence. Something that doesn't make you feel tired and suffocated from doing it. One idea I thought about was asking whoever you worship or the higher power ( God,Jesus etc ) to ask and reveal your true purpose
  3. Another way is thinking of things your good at that you can make money from, are you good at doing hair, are you a good listener? Do you love to be are your nieces or little siblings? Things like becoming a therapy, or owning a daycare or a doctor who takes treats children illness,or becoming a hair stylist. 
There are many ways to find this out, but the 1st thing to do is starting to know YOU do have a purpose,YOU do know who you are and Expecting a great life doing your life purpose. It's only takes that one step in trying to find it, and it starts with you...

Hope this helps for anyone.
God Bless.

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