Friday, April 22, 2011

3 strand twist : PASS :)

I decided to rock till Saturday and do a full shampoo and moisturize and pampering routine below

I won't be using the same products but the method she uses to try it out, and see how I like it..and does it HELP my hair personally.

By the 3 day of wearing the twists, it became extremely frizzy and started to look like a Afro than a twist-out. I began to think twice on if I was doing something wrong.

What I have learned? : I HAVE to twist the twists back up at night..or they will NOT look the same at all. I learned to moisturize more..My hair is really dry and keeping it refreshed with water , it made it more frizzier but it kept the moisture as long as I wanted to. I also learned that, it won't last or LOOK the same at all..I learned it's a certain way to can freestyle and think it's gonna look like you wanted it to look. To map out the parts and twist the crown area correctly.

I will give this style a 3 out 5...More practice and it'll probably be a 4 next time.

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