Monday, August 8, 2011

New Blog ? .

Yes ! What had happen with my 1st blog I had since maybe about 09 & I followed a lot of people that wasn't interesting to me anymore, so I decided to give that a break & go for a 365 blog to do and found it interesting at the time. . then it started to become a routine, I started to stop a few months ago because I just did not like it , so now , this upcoming blog I have in store for myself and the few readers I have can really get a piece of what I have to express, to open up with & to go all out with this one, I have a upcoming character I have in store to express as well, some poetry, feature friends or family that I will like to have on there and much more , I'll post the link by this upcoming weekend, still thinking of a name.

I want to say thank you for anyone that reads this, I truly appreciate you and if you want me to talk about anything on here or just talk don't hesitate :) Until Next time ! .

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