Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hair Update

2 Years Post Relaxer + 9 Months post Mini Chop/ Been Natural .

Time has been going by so quick! Recently Around July - August , I had a MASSIVE  hair shedding phase. I was so shocked about this , I decided to leave my hair alone, so I started wearing protective styling ( quick weave , sew in wigs ) Recently I have been rocking this curly hair ( I will be getting more into detail in another post ) Here are a few photos

I have recently tried out a new DC , Which is awesome , all my itchiness and irritation in my hair is GONE .  I will also be doing a review on that also . But here a few photos of my washing process 
I ran into this ; I don't know how this happened but what I did was water it down and conditioner to create some slip but I still since a little breakage.

Curl definition has been at it's best. More waves,kinks & coils are really starting to fully flourish in my hair.

OVERALL : I have been wearing protective styling , & I have gotten at least a inch or 2 in the front !
I am overly excited about how going natural , exercising & rest & staying level headed with stress,life I have finally gained length ! 

Until Next time :)

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