Monday, March 7, 2011

Co-Wash Day! ( Hair Regimen )

Since I was doing my hair today I decided to make a blog than a Hair Regimen video since I feel like the video will be long. So let's get started !!

So I start in the shower,rinse very well and get my hair soaking wet. I seperate my hair in 6 sections in total ( front,middle,back on both sides) Leave in for about 5-10 mintues.

So I get out the shower and began to detangle with my tangle teezer and Shea Moisture Deep Treatment, and twisted them to maintain my hair staying detangle.
I keep the deep treatment in for about an hour and 10 mins.Put a cap on and let my body heat, heat my hair.This is how I twisted it and how it looked under the cap.

So after I let that soak and I also forgot to mention I put in my Herbal Oil from African's Best when I put the deep treatment on. So this is when I decided what I want to do to my hair. I wanted to do 2 strand twist but decided to do flat twist for the roots and bantu knots at the ends..Here are a few photos, I finished in about an hour and 20 mins so I took my time and made sure I twist it correctly.
I let it air dry until I get ready to go to bed and then put my stain scarf on and I'll show results soon :)
This is my co-wash days..My shampoo days are the same I'm just using a shampoo instead of my conditioner. I use Shea Moisture Rentive Shampoo at target for $9.99 Check out there products at ! Love their products.

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