Sunday, March 20, 2011

Naturally Her of the Month: Raven

1. What brings you joy with transitioning ?
When I was transitioning I love to run my fingers through the new growth. It gave me inspiration and motivation to continue instead of breaking down and getting a relaxer.

2. What are the longest styles that last that you love to wear ? ( braid-outs, twist-outs ? )
I always do a twist out as a protective style to sleep in. I just change up the parts and the direction the twist are twist along so I won't get permanent parts

3. What are your favorite products to use?
I normally use Olive Oil products because I love the way they smell and how soft my hair is after I wash and condition. But I recently started using products from the Shea Moisture line at Target. Works wonders on my curls & smells great.

4.What made you change to relax to becoming a natural?
It was getting pretty expensive the longer my hair got and also damaging. I had bad split ends and I never was consistent with going to get relaxers anyway. My roots are naturally straight and I really don't need a relaxer. I learned to embrace my wavy texture hair.

5. How long have you been transitioning and are you planing to do a Big chop?
I transitioned for an entire year before I did my Big Chop. I did it back in October 2010 and I've been 100% natural ever since.


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